PoM solo PvE Vegeance build rotation?

I am a returning player. Iv not played in years. Can someone help me determine the correct rotation for my PoM? (lvl 80)

I use vegeance build.

This depends a little on your spec, but also on whether you are grinding mobs(solo/dungeon), or single target dpsing in a dungeon.

Solo grinding: HoTs up, pull with a smite/lance, rebuke if they are bunched or another smite as they are approaching. CC: repulse or repudiate, reposition if needed to target farthest and hit most if not all the mobs youve pulled, then Cleansing Fire and Mitras Searing Eye + Instant Smite (see thread regarding sometimes not being instant if you experience that). Radiance (with Searing Light). If stuff is still alive, reposition for another column attack or finish off with smite, depending on how many/how much hp.

Tanked mobs: Position yourself so that column attacks on the farthest mob will hit all of them, other than that Wave of Life** - CF - MSE - (rebuke or something else) - Instant Smite is your main rotation, no need to throw out ccs unless tank is getting overwhelmed. Fill in the time between cooldowns with Lance or Smites and Keeping heals up.

** Maybe not every rotaion, cause mana, im assuming your gear level is low? Alternatively you can put rank 1 on your hotbar for self-buffing alongside the highest rank for healing

Single target: Basically same as tanked mobs, but make sure to hug close enough for Purification dot to be applied and Smite is probably a better filler than Lance (If you even have that specced?) in a deep Veng spec.

Slight Caveat: I havent played a lot with a deep Vengeance spec in PvE. Most poms play PvE using Divinity with Vengence down to Searing Light/Purification of Mitra and Sacred Smite. IW is obviously used as a pure self dps booster, either situationally or just kept on CD for max deeps. MoM could be used when the group is facing a large pull and/or taking more damage than usual. In PvP I usually combine MoM with Shield of Brilliance/Litany of Protection.

Change build. :sweat_smile: