PoM levelling build/advice

Does anybody have a good levelling build for PoM?

Any advice/general strategies for levelling as a PoM?

I prefer vengence when i level up and any solo content in level 80. Divinity is more of a raid/group build which gives you more spells to help others and a more fun rotation.

Go full vengence with splash and greenheal proc with dot. Aldo put some points into general to get some armor, prot and damage. Insta bigheal with damage from the vengence tree together with cleansingfire and the dot from the heals will be good for bigger pulls.

I can post a spec later on to help you a bit more.

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If i remember, my old Vengeance spec was something like this: link

More like this https://goo.gl/dhywW7

Cleansing fire + searing eye will give you insta smite. your bigheal will be insta and do damage. Dot on blue and green heal. Your greenheal will proc when you get hitted so you don’t have to cast it.
Immortal rath gives you fast casting damage spells. prefect to nuke down bigger pulls.

Hope this helped a bit.

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