Poop and Contracts

So, I have these Tralls in my yard. I feed the fighters but the craftsmen just pretend to work with no maintenance needed. I notice that the pets in pens make Manure. But all that ends once “on the map”.
I suggest something like and “Outhouse” to collect Manure and Urea. Which just reminded me that maybe we could recover Phosphate from nesting sites.

All this added Culture also adds to the daily grind that a bigger Castle might require. What if there was a way to link crafting stations to each other and to reactive devices like Thrall Pots?
I’d imagine a Revolution of sort. Where My Thralls are converted into a Community where I can Visit drop off (sell) or pick up (buy) whatever I pull. This gets fed into the Community that operates as a logical machine that can be configured and linked together.
Examples would be a Pack Trail bringing Brimstone or Crystal to the Base or something as mundane as feedind all the Thralls and collecting their skat for compost which germinates Seeds that generate Plant Fiber that a Cook Thrall uses to create Gruel that feeds the Community.

All that would be controlled by something called a Contract. The game could suggest possible links when something like a Thrall Pot or Outhouse is placed. The player drops off or sells items and makes Orders, or leaves Standing Orders. The Thralls eat the food and Create Manure and whatever else. Based on whatever this Contact thing specifies.

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