Poor support service provided by Funcom, been told to "post on the forums". re: Whitelist feature

I’ve attempted to gain some support for a new feature included in the last patch, however it seems that Funcom Support don’t want a bar of it. It’s not a bug, or a glitch - it’s a request for documentation detailing the feature and how to use it.

The latest patch included admin features that allow private servers to add whitelisting based on SteamID 64 authentication. Unfortunately, the only details for this feature appear to be the patch notes which list the RCON commands used to add new players to a whitelist, but no further information beyond that.

I’ve attempted to Google the issue, posted on the forum, tweeted at Funcom/Conan Exiles accounts, and lodged a support request via the form provided. The only channel I’ve received a response from is the support ticket, where I’ve basically been told to post in the bugs section of the forum and they can’t help me.

It’s not a bug. It’s not a glitch. It’s a request for more information that’s not presently available or documented.

After several back and forth responses between myself and GM Marshmellow, I’ve given up on that channel as there’s no willingness or care displayed to assist, but to shirk the query off to the forums.

So far I’ve worked out the location of the whitelist.txt file, and added additional SteamID’s to it manually. The list however isn’t be used as players can still connected despite their IDs not being added into the document. As best I can tell, a new SteamID in the 64 format needs to be placed on each line, however I’m yet to work out the variable for the serversettings.ini file to tell the game upon load who should be authorised to join.

I’ve tried emulating the ARK: Survival Evolved variables (because they seem fairly similar) with no change.

To reiterate, this isn’t something that I’ve put no effort into. I’ve tried to work this out myself, and asked for help but been turned away.

A whitelist is a list of users that are allowed to join the server while anybody not on the list cannot join. I think you may be confusing it for a blacklist which would be a list of users that are not allowed to join.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not confused with the definition.

I’m fully aware that the whitelist will allow only those who are listed on the whitelist.txt file to connect/join the server. The intent is to allow the server to have no password but restrict who plays on it.

No he didnt.

So he tried to manually whitelist them by writing into the data rather than using the admin commands for it.
Maybe whitelisting needs to be recognized by steam as well, which might not happen with manual entries?
(Yep, I am a dumb one when it comes to this. Haha.)
And stupid question: You did enable whitelisting in serversettings, right? It’s a checkbox? (I saw earlier when I was looking for something else.)
Because eighter said brandnew feature is bugged as hell or you forgot to enable it?

I dont know more, sorry. (Because I guess all of this was known to you, @hyp3rstrike?)

Hi there,

Yeah I was using the commands which added new whitelist entries to the text file, but the server is not reading from whitelist.txt and just allowing everyone to connect. There doesn’t appear to be a checkbox, and no variable has been added to the serversettings.ini config file.

The problem here is I don’t know what the variable for enabling in serversettings.ini is because there’s no documentation available.

Wait a sec, I’m going to look for the setting. Screen will follow as edit.
Here it is @hyp3rstrike:
Sorry for german client though. First page when opening server settings, all the way down.

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Thanks for that. Are you able to open the serversettings.ini and find the variable for the config? Would be a great help to know what value needs to be set manually. @Nuria

Sorry, I cant help you with that. I never researched managing a server or anything like that, sorry. Maybe someone else can help? :kissing_heart:

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All good. I appreciate the help so far!

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Hi @hyp3rstrike.

It sounds like you have a proper overview already of how to add whitelisted IDs, but you are missing the step to make the game actually use the whitelist.txt.

There’s a new server setting that makes the server go into whitelist-only mode:
This makes the server use the whitelist.txt.

It’s an important piece of information that we seem to have forgotten to include in the patch notes when the feature went out. I’ll be editing the patch notes for that submit so that other people can find the answer later.


I am really sorry you didn’t get an answer to your question earlier. We definitely don’t mean to ignore anyone on purpose. I also feel that we can definitely improve on making technical patch notes more clear for the future and will work on that :slight_smile:


Hi @Scooper.

This is exactly what I was after. Thank you. After the information from Nuria earlier, I logged in via Admin in-game to make the change an observe the config variable that was added in - I just wasn’t home to administer it.

It would be greatly appreciated if future patch notes could contain more technical information, especially where it pertains to server admin features.

Thanks again.

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@Tascha Hi there. I know it’s not your intent to ignore. I am still a tad frustrated by the Support agent that answered the ticket as such. Kudos on the response time, but the response was less than acceptable (as someone who also works in customer service).

Thanks for the apology though. It’s appreciated.

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