Borked Whitelist

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: North America

Whitelist doesn’t seem to recognise any form of id. I’ve used individually, the Steam64, the FLSPlayer Master ID, and the Funcom Friends ID. I have used them in combination with each other. None of the above have allowed entry into the server.

Do you get an error? Steam64ID works for me but sometimes during the storm the rcon stops working and gives authentication error when you try to use it for even something as simple as to broadcast a message.

No, nothing like that. RCON continues to work just fine. Just when I try to join the server, I get the message, saying that this server only allows whitelisted accounts. Don’t know the exact phrasing at the moment.
I took a look at my server log after changing it back password only and logged in and found my entry. I was a bit stunned by the fact, in one entry, referenced 4 separeate IDs from my account.

[2020.10.10-23.42.09:119][400]LogNet: Login request: /Game/Maps/Startup?Password=*******?Ping=90?Name= Granpafishy%2300392 ?dw_user_id= 76561198330745801 ?mod_list=2145ae09e5f466989c4c81fcebeb595d?IdentityToken_Data=c49f05751cf4a030311915626f5408cb1bebf8d7f10fc4cafeaba8e4f3c3d85491d2b8a29e31a4d7154cc0fdd3338481cb5e12ad4d1dd54149b5291dd44a1c23a2bd813b6557f4487990c05c737c4cb98aeba5ec2abf2543dcfb5589101eff33122194bed9ac62a9a3d347a2032f167eea66bc21aa0d9d0d9332064a027c1928fd30f665428f18c99d7420c262?IdentityToken_IV=8f9013c728a6a8b9e807d69163575fe3?FLSPlayerIds_TitleID= 8408329B0DF2B3AD ?FLSPlayerIds_MasterID= 3F486FC72F1A8DD3 userId: 76561198330745801

It’s got the basic Funcom ID (Granpafishy#00392), Steam64 ID twice (76561198330745801), Master Funcom Live Services PID (3F486FC72F1A8DD3), and the standard Funcom Live Services PID (8408329B0DF2B3AD).

I also get all ids when I attempt to connect, I don’t think this is a problem. It has been like this since FLS were introduced. I use rcon to whitelist players otherwise I have to restart the server all the time. When I use the whitelisting command with Steam64ID it gets added to the list in the following format Steam64ID:unknown. Usually, when the player logs in it changes to Steam64ID:FuncomID. For me the whitelist works, not sure what the issue is with yours :confused:

Hey @mmorpgamerperson

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve relayed it to our team so they can look into it.

I reported the white list did not work weeks ago but no one even bothered to look at the bug report.

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