Whitelisting players via rcon corrupts/errors during restart of server

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Whitelist entries added via rcon are corrupted/not read at server restart

  1. Add a player’s steam64 ID via rcon command: whitelistplayer
  2. It will be added to whitelist.txt as steam64id:Unknown
  3. Player can connect/play as normal
  4. whitelist.txt entry changes to steam64id:Playername#number
  5. Daily server restart
  6. Players cannot connect because it says not whitelisted
  7. Logfile shows
    `[2020.09.19-23.38.00:242][ 0]ConanSandbox:Display: AServerBlacklist::LoadSettings(): Whitelist contains 1 unique entries’.
  8. whitelist.txt still looks correct with all 22 entries in there
  9. Try to add player again via rcon command
  10. whitelist.txt gets rewritten, line 1 is a corrupted/malformed entry, line 2 is new whitelist entry. Rest of entries is gone
  11. Fix? Modifying whitelist to JUST steam64id with no :Playername#number behind it correctly reads the whitelist on server restart
    ‘[2020.09.21-12.07.38:570][ 0]ConanSandbox:Display: AServerBlacklist::LoadSettings(): Whitelist contains 22 unique entries’

I can provide the whitelist.txt that’s not being read correctly privately if needed

It doesn’t happen on my server. I haven’t had any issues with the whitelist since the update. What rcon do you use? Do you use the dedicated server launcher or renting a server?

I have the same exactly problem

I use mcrcon remotely to add whitelisted players, it’s a bare-metal server we fully manage ourselves

Alright, I use the rcon provided by my host and I don’t use the dedicated server launcher. My whitelist uses the format Steam64ID:Playername#number and it works without an issue, even when it shows Steam64ID:Unknown. I have had multiple restarts so far.

EDIT: Maybe something to do with the dedicated server launcher and its configuration? - Probably not it:

Does it happen to all players including you?

Do you also use the dedicated server launcher and mcrcon?

The entire whitelist doesn’t get loaded, it only loads 1 entry that’s corrupted.

Because if you add another entry via rcon, it seems do do an entire rewrite of the whitelist.txt from what the server has in memory.

I just added another player via rcon, it restored all steam64id:PlayerName#number entries it knew from connects since last restart.

And when you do an rcon add from the corrupted load, the 1 ‘valid’ loaded entry it adds, is a corrupted entry in the whitelist.txt, followed by the just added new entry

Additionally, I can replicate this. Currently I have a Conan Exiles and the Isle of Siptah running on different ports for game, rcon, etc. They both have this same issue.

It might’ve only started happening since the latest patch/hotfix, because we played Siptah for about a week, only last weekend it started acting up. But we did not add a lot of players at that time yet, so I’m not entirely certain.

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I tried to follow your steps but I can’t reproduce it, I don’t know why. What I did on my test server (no mods):

  1. Test Server had 2 whitelist entries: one with a name and one with unknown after the steam64id.
  2. Added 2 more steam64ids via rcon. Now I have 3 ids showing unknown and one with a name.
  3. Restarted server.
  4. Watched server logs, all seems fine:
    [2020.09.21-15.06.36:355][ 0]ConanSandbox:Display: AServerBlacklist::LoadSettings(): Blacklist contains 0 unique entries
    [2020.09.21-15.06.36:356][ 0]ConanSandbox:Display: AServerBlacklist::LoadSettings(): Whitelist contains 4 unique entries

Hope you managed to figure it out :confused:

Extremely weird. Maybe a windows version discrepancy? This is running Windows server 2016

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I don’t think there is a way for me to see this info for my rented server, I am sorry.

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