Whitelist failed to load

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

We are using whitelist on our server, populated using RCON.
After a while, the server is unable to load the whitelist and we have to add all the steam id again.

Expected Behavior:

We need that the whitelist load correctly after restart.

Steps to Reproduce:

I did some test using conan exile dedicated server without mods to be sure it’s not mod related and… it’s not.
It’s very simple, some players has funcomID that include non UTF8 char.
When you add someone to the whitelist, his steam id is registered.
After the player’s connection to the server, the funcomID is populated but… when this funcomID include non UTF8 char, when the whitelist is save after the next addition to the whitelist, the encoding of the file switch from UTF8 to UTF16LE and it seems that, at restart, the game is unable to load a whistelist.txt file that is encoded using UTF16. Instead of loading each entries of the file, it load a unique and corrupted entrie.

To reproduce it :
1 - Create a steam account with a profile name like Test êéèç@}§|Ã
2 - Add your steam id to the decicated server configured to use a whitelist (using RCON)
3 - Connect to your server using your test account.
4 - After your character is created, add another steam id using RCON
5 - Check the whitelist.txt, it should use the UTF16Le charset.
6 - Restart you server and BAM, unable to login, whitelist is dead.

One workaround is to monitor the charset of the whitelist.txt file and, when it switch to UTF16, put it back in UTF8 to make sure it load properly at the next restart but it’s very annoying and i still get the first entrie corrupted…

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