Population Limit

ok question… I’m an Idiot so i need your help…

  1. what happens if i set both ‘Base Value’ and ‘Per Player’ to 100
  2. will ‘per player’ overide ‘Base value’ if ‘per player’ is set to the same amount or more id more than 2 people joines the clan.

Even if you’re a solo player, you need to think in terms of a clan (so, if you’re playing solo, you’re a clan of 1). The base value is the base number of thralls that you can have in your clan. If you add someone else to your clan, your clan’s limit is increased by that amount. So, with your settings:

  1. If it’s just you playing alone, 100 thralls.
  2. A friend joins your clan, now 200 thralls.
  3. Another friend joins, now you can have 300 thralls.

With a private server, you could just turn off the thrall limits altogether if you want. A lot of folks do that, along with disabling building decay. Although, if you’re looking for the purist experience, then it’d be a base number of 50, with +5 for each additional clan member.

The one thing that limiting the number of thralls does is force you to make some strategic decisions. You can’t just spam thralls everywhere, you need to pick and choose, and focus on quality over quantity. Personally, I think that’s a good thing and can improve the challenge the game offers, but some people just want that zerg army of their very own.


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