Portal under the city hubs

A portal has appeared under the entrances to the faction cities, more or less where the old entrance to The Sunken Library used to be (shame nobody uses that place anymore except to hide out)
But where does this place go to?

Nowhere at all or Nowhere yet?
I hear there is a door that can not be opened and monks are sitting praying at it to open it
I’m doing my best but it’s not working. . .
perhaps this is where they are hiding the unicorn.

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That’s the portal to the upper branches. It’s only active during the Anniversary event.

I remember that. I’ve used it but I didn’t remember it being during the event. I thought it took you to the back of the tree… Maybe it was the upper branches. It’s been too long.

What a shame it’s nothing then lool

Not THAT unicorn :grimacing:

THIS unicorn :rofl: