Porting to an empty NYR on an endless loop

Twice i have been in separate instances of activity, the game has crashed and when i have managed to get back in game i have remained in the instance. Within seconds i have then been ported to the NYR instance which is empty and then it starts to re-port me into the same empty NYR instance on an endless loop.

Having to use Meet-up function as there is no time to use the conduit or manual teleport to anywhere else.

Somehow this type of crash is distinguishable to the game system and doesn’t give you a deserter debuff.
Unlike crashing in a dungeon or Megaboss public raid where you are punished with a debuff for something that wasn’t your fault - which is another bug entirely.

(you also need to change the date at the bottom of the forum webpage copyright as it still says 2018.
It’s been 2019 for 3 months now)

I heard before about infamous teleports to empty NY raid and 2 days ago a group mate experienced it directly, even if in a slightly different situation.
We were in a 3 ppl group OD when he got the screen flickering bug at the end of a wave, before starting the new wave he wanted to try to solve it. Since nothing else worked he decided to manually hard crash the game and to try to get back in, only to get cicked from the group and find himself in an empty NY raid instance.

The sad side of the story is that we were pushing waves from 29 and all happened at the end of wave 34, me and the other group mate were able to end wave 35 and get the achievement while he saw all his efforts wasted for nothing :frowning: