NY Raid Crashy today

I used to only crash in NY raid when leaving the raid after the boss was dead. If I did not press Shift-V and use the leave button from that screen the game would lock up.

Today in NY Story mode I crashed (BSoD) as soon as I shot at the first mob. After computer rebooted I got back in and crashed again on the final boss phase (SWL crash to desktop). However, after I looted the chest I tried porting to Agartha, and I no longer crashed on that part.

I am guessing the code changes to fix the post crash zone leaving now cause a higher likelyhood of crashing during the raid, but no yet certain. I really do not want to crash while attempting NY1 or 5 though…

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Today? NY Raid crashes every day.

Leaving NY was crashing since the beginning. Doesn’t matter what method you really use. It’s random. Seems to depend on something client wise but not sure what. I got it 1/3rd time before patch. So far it’s 2/3 after patch.

If you have BSOD… that can’t be caused by any normal application. Only HW (drivers included) can cause that (which may be triggered by something application does). So check event log and BSOD message to tell what failed.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a NYR that didn’t crash on exit or close to the end of the fight (usually before getting loot).

A new week. NY Story crashed today (crash to desktop) after second flappy dead, I got back in just in time to watch boss die and get loot, and then when I left (I used Shift T to port to agartha) and game crashed again.

Since yesterday I have the same bug, each time I leave NYR in no matter which way, the game locks up in loading screen. This is almost as annoying as the horrible faces that we have to use on our characters since the character editor gives no possibilities to create any beauty. Please funcom fix these things.


Please make a new Thread about this Bug because the OP has a different bug that yours
I know he has the same Bug too but after 2 Years I think a new one would be better