Chest Spawn Crashing

I’ve been sitting on this one for a couple of months. Not sure why, but in addition to the Crystallized Flame crashes, Chest Crashes are also a thing. In fact, they seem to have either sprung up suddenly one day or they just got much worse one day. I can’t really remember when I noticed this was first happening, but it isn’t just me. Others mention it. I am making this post because after clearing NYe10 one person crashed as soon as the loot chest spawned and she said in voice “Oh, chest crash again.”

She didn’t get her loot.

The crash is just that. Whenever a loot chest spawns, there is a likelihood of a crash. I can usually tell a crash is coming because the game starts to stutter and freeze like crazy. Sometimes it recovers after some seconds, but usually it crashes.

I don’t know how to replicate this. It happens sometimes and that’s all I know. Running two lairs with a full raid (12 loot chests) every day, I crash two or three times a week from it. Dungeons seems to happen less frequently, but I generally run less dungeons than lairs in a week.

If would be interesting to note if graphics settings play a role. Like if it is an issue with the particle effects that causes the crash that only happens on high settings as opposed to low.

Personally, I’m at maxed settings. The thing is, this is an intermittent crash so it means if I’m to check each graphics slider at each setting it would take years to find any kind of correlation to be relatively sure of any particular setting.

Well, you wouldn’t necessarily need to narrow it down to an exact setting so much as trying turning everything down. Just so you would know if it was potentially a graphical crash, or something else.