Thrown Into NYR From Group Activities (Video) (and now Shambala death area)

I didn’t realize this myself until someone told me.

When you crash from a group activity, take too long to get back on the game and are removed from the group but placed back into the area you crashed from, you get thrown into NYR.

This is what it looks like and what happens inside. You will continually load into NYR until you Meet Up on someone on your friends list.

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This happened today.

I logged out and back in at the end of a dungeon. It put me back into the dungeon instead of Agartha, and as I was about to click out to leave, it put me here in Shambala. I believe this is where our dead bodies go when we die during PVP? It didn’t load over and over like NYR, though. I did have to MU on a friend to leave.

(Btw, this was our PVP day (Saturday). Don’t know if it had anything to do with me being put here instead of NYR or somewhere else.)

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