Possible bug with bows?

Hello fellow exiles,

So I got a Vais the Wayfaerer and did some testing on the offical PS4 server. I grabbed the legendary splinter bow added a damage kit for 32 dmg on the bow. Then I made snake, razor, star metal, explosion arrows and dragon bone arrows. Then I killed 10 of the shoebill birds with each arrow type. To my surprise each arrow type killed the shoebill arrow in 4 hits it was like the snake arrows at 8 damage did the same damage as the star arrows at 20 or the explosion arrows. Is this a bug? Working as intended? I would have thought of an 8 damage arrow kills shoebill in 4 shots a 20 damage arrow should do it in 1 or 2 shots?

EDIT: also not sure if anyone here has played DA:O but it had a really awesome thrall AI letting you program your own scripts to the AI allies. IF this happens THEN do this or ise this item. If in x meters of x enemy use x weapon. Etc etc. I think a system allowing players to program their own thralls to what they want their thrall to do in certain situations would go a long way in fixing this dumb AI issue. Eliminate fall damage of all types also. Also eliminate the distance a thrall or pet can travel from owner when fighting or double the travel distance to many times am I fighting something and the thrall stops because I moved just a hair to far away. To be able to find your thrall / pet in these situations just add a map marker for the thrall that is on follow. Or as soon as whatever it’s fighting dies have it teleport back to owner.

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