Possible Combat bug

Game mode: Online
Problem: combat having a possible bug
Region: North America

So for the first few days it was great, took a bit to learn the ropes and what not, but today a few days after I started playing and getting use to the game, the combat system changes on me, now none of my power attacks or shield bashes stuns an enemy, they just keep swinging as if they saw a spider when before hand any time I would swing at them it would do stuns for power hits and combos but not anymore, their aggro distance for some reason also increased, I’ve talked with the admin of the server and as far as we know nothing has changed in the game settings. I’m hoping it’s just a bug and the creators will fix it, otherwise this game will be just another Ark: Survival Evolved.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have noticed it’s practically impossible to stun (or stunlock) an npc wielding a sword. Other kinds are usually fine for me, but sword users are real annoying now. They can start swinging at me in the middle of them being hit. There doesn’t seem to be much knock-back for them anymore.

Almost died trying to capture a t3 fighter at Sepermeru the other day because of this. She kept going into a special strike after I just hit her with my 1st swing, and was still in the middle of my combo. Had to switch up my tactics and do 1 swing then roll out and repeat. Took forever to knock her out this way.

This wasn’t always the case. I think it started with one of the last couple patches. Hard to say as it took me awhile to notice.

I’ve got the opposite with agro distance though. I can usually get pretty close before they notice me now.

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