Possible Glitched item?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [EU - PVP]

Hi there, there is a clan on the server I play on (Official) who does a lot of shady stuff such as duping god tokens, storing them in shady ways, attribute exploiting etc… That’s not why I am posting here tho as I am aware that there are things being worked on in the background to tackle cheaters, the reason why I am posting here is because yesterday I killed one of these clan members and he had 2 items on him called “Xx_Wight_axe” which is a blue glowing one-handed axe that the undead skeletons wield.
Now I have done some googling and can see that this is in fact an asset in the game but under a different name - It has no durability at all (which I believe is intentional). I was just wondering if this item was intended for players to be able to access… specifically on PS4, or if the clan has done something to spawn these items into the game, as an item called Xx_Wight_axe is a bit strange…

If the clan wasn’t known cheaters then it wouldn’t bother me as much but I am just curious


Hey @Waste

Sometimes there’s an issue where internal items intended for pets or thralls (such as the animations) show up as equipment in their inventories. They’re unusable outside of that, so it’s just a minor issue.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi @Ignasis thanks for getting back to me - I’m not too sure I understand tho, I am able to equip the weapons in question and have used them to attack and kill npc’s

The item in question drops when the wight pet dies. It looks just like the ghast axe has the same durability with 42 DMG and is not lengendary. Probably something that will be patched out of the game.

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My wife has admin in some of these blue items even a drag rope. Don’t know if any are obtained legit.

Oh, it that’s the case, it’s okay.
Sometimes items that look like bags or other placeholder icons appear on inventories, and they’re usually the attacks NPCs use internally. It’s a silly bug really.
In this case, though, it’s fine. It’s the weapon those npcs use like you’ll get from other recently broken thralls.

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One of my wights was killed and I picked up the Xx_Wight_axe from his corpse. Is this slated for elimination? I hope not, because it looks great on the wall.

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you are speaking about what happen here (at 15:23)

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Can confirm, we have a few of these and call them poor man’s corrupted axes. They’re pretty cool to have even if unintended. Since most weapons outside of pikes, javelins and daggers are useless in the current PVP meta I don’t see the harm in these being actual weapons for players to use.


I have to agree here :slight_smile: I don’t see the harm in this weapon - it looks awesome and isn’t overpowered at all to be honest, I think they should release them fully


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