Ghast Axe destroyed after patch

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [America]

You know how the Ghast Axe (probably all Ghast weapons) didn’t have durability? You know how this patch was supposed to add durability?

Well… all the existing Ghast Axe’s got destroyed with this patch. Because all pre-existing Ghast weapons went from no durability to 0 durability.

It converted all Ghast weapons to broken. Even a Legendary repair kit cannot fix them. “Cannot Repair Items That Are Completely Broken” message and all of that.

Funcom, was this intended?


Same with Ghast sword.

Confirmed, online private server. Both Ghast weapons have no durability. The Corrupted Axe was not affected.



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all mine are rip too

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Confirmed. All of the ones I had farmed already are now broken and unusable as well.

Confirmed. Same problem with my Ghast Sword.

I wonder if Funcom is planning to fix the current Ghast weapons, or stay silent and pretend that nothing happened.
I’ll bet anything they don’t know how to fix what they broke here, and the unofficial answer is “go farm it again.”

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Hello @Summer, thank you for the heads up and our apologies for the inconvenience.

We’ve registered this issue for the developers to look into, as it was likely an unintended occurrence.

To add to that, I both solo-spawned a Ghast weapon and farmed one online private, both with 1350 durability.

So the problem affects pre-patch weapons, but not post-patch pickups (say that really fast :wink:)

Personally, I am OK with the devs concentrating on more serious issues and will, eventually, pick up the sword (already scored the axe).



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