Post Rebalance Black Sash Status

Sorry if this has been answered, but I see so many conflicting facts/opinions.

Can someone tell me if the Black Sash ever really got fixed, or if it is fixed but still not worth using for tanking? I have a gold one I levelled up, til I found out it was broken. Then I took a few years off and the Rebalance happened, and since then SWL info seems rather scarce.

I was debating fusing it into another Belt that actually works for tanking if it is still broken, but wanted to give it one last chance at survival, since I have kinda grown accustomed to seeing it sitting in my bags, and I keep telling myself I REALLY AM going to learn how to tank this time around… well, hopefully.


I can’t tell you if it’s fixed with 100% certainty because I never bothered to actually set up completely proper testing, but in my experience of tanking with or without it, it does make a difference.

My testing included tanking regionals alongside 45 - 50k+ dps and it’s significantly easier to hold initial aggro with BS. It is, however of limited utility in other situations due to single target internal CD on effect. It only essentially gives you 5% more total aggro which is not that good, but it’s still worth using in situations where survivability isn’t a problem (i.e. not raid)

Great, thanks a lot for the info. I guess I will keep it for now, and start worrking on a different one for eventual Raid Gear.

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