Potion/Spell Idea: Sacrament of Dreaming Death

While chatting with some fellow level 60s on ye olde PvE server, we were musing about what the [eventual] sorcery additions might include, and we came up with one idea that could be implemented here and now.

How about an end-game level craftable that can be carried and used like a potion, but has an animation and a casting time? We could call it a “sacrament” to differentiate it from the traditional head-cannon of potions (instant effects), spells (single caster), or rituals (multiple casters).

In this case, the sacrament we thought of would allow the character to teleport back to their bed along with all their gear (and any follower). It shouldn’t necessarily be prohibitive to make, but should at least require components that require a bit of investment in having progressed thru the game; my suggestion would be: Water-Filled Flask, Demon Blood, Black Lotus Powder, and Raw Ash; craftable at the Firebowl Cauldron.

Now while we may be PvE players, we realize that something like this would have to be balanced for PvP as well so that you don’t have someone repeatedly spamming such potions to conduct guerilla attacks without consequence. Our idea for this is that when you perform a sacrament, it takes a certain amount of time during which you are vulnerable. I’m thinking a 5-10 second cast time during which your character performs the Pray Kneeling emote and is effectively considered knocked-down.

Additionally, since the theme of a potion like this would be akin to flirting with death, perhaps using it causes your corruption meter to skyrocket as you inhale the black lotus fumes. By rapidly, I’m talking ~9% per second for a 10-second casting time (1 sec to kneel, 9 to pray) up to 20% per second for a 5-second casting time. In this way, if you’re brazen enough to attempt this while still threatened, your attacker can interrupt you and have a big advantage, while if you survive, you need to take a breather back at base to cleanse your corruption. (It would also give us more uses for those the Heart of a Hero drops from the recent Unnamed City revamp.)



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