Cloak potion for teleporting

We all have several problems when teleporting, or exit a dungeon. In pvp or pve we experience unfair deaths because our body spawns before we can react. So i believe that the cloak potions could give us a chance against all the unfair situations we may face in this game. Ofcurse this potion can last only some seconds, but enough to see our selfs spawned outside the dungeon, unable to be used during a battle, pvp or pve and ofcurse the option to be used only when you are close to map rooms, obeliscks and dungeon doors . I am suggesting this to make the game more fair, not to give more cheating options to the cheaters.

wy not make it easy and just be invisible until you move(after teleport) then you dont need to carry/make stopid potions


it is a respected sugestion too , why not this would work for me too . How ever I think is in their intention and not a bug ,to spawn before you can react . So this post is to convince them to change it either with potions either with invisibility through teleportation . So I am asking you my friend @The_EpicBoss_man , have you experienced unfair deaths through teleportation ?

At the time i gave you my first answer i didn’t have time to answer properly to the statement ‘stupid potion’. Somehow, from the story of the game, you see signs of sorcery, but no wizards. In the controls of the game (Admin panel), the cloak exists. That means that the game is ready to give cloak to everyone. The only thing that doesn’t exist, is the way for everyone to have it and there goes the suggestion for potions. Now this potions will deal great cheating problems to the game, use your imagination on this one because the list is great, so my suggestion is to exist only for one purpose, safe teleporting. Still this potion must be granted difficult, not from the beginning of the game, and a substance could be a dragons head for example, that will give more reasons to farm all the dragons and not just red mama. This statement ofcurse gives me the opportunity to call 2 friends, @Croms_Faithful, @Skillo, to tell me if they agree with this thought? The reason i summon them is because they were my inspiration for this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

My tribe and me change to SSD since that you just have 3-4 seconds till you can move …
results :
No spawnkill
Or you have to ask a mate coming and check the obilisc before :slight_smile:


A cloak potion is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how difficult it would be to code to work only near certain elements - especially map rooms, which are placeable objects. It would probably be simpler to add a “cloaked until moves” element to teleporting and dungeon exits, like @The_EpicBoss_man suggested.

Also, depending on how long the potion’s effect would last it could potentially be abused - place map room, drink potion, pick up map room, run cloaked for x seconds. Even a few seconds’ invisibility is a potentially incredibly powerful PvP tool. The “cloaked until moves” effect post-teleport would be quite difficult to abuse, especially if teleporting positions you facing a random direction on a random side of the obelisk, so you couldn’t use a cloaked teleport landing to safely scout the vicinity.

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yes i play on ps4 official and because i loaded to slow i got killt many times this game is one of the reasons i put a 1tb ssd in mij ps4

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thats wy i sayt stopid potion i dont want ppl to glich it out and always be in cloak

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  • i i need to make a potions just to mybe not die i would not go true the trouble
    and i think nobady would waste the time just to teleport

Have i told yo lately that i love you , is the song for your idea right now , stunning thought from an extraordinary mind . 1.000 thank you @Kapoteeni .This is fantastic idea , still we need some movement to drink and enter the gate , so maybe a cooldown that is reduced with our movement?

Still 66% of this page would bother to farm hard (Because we love to) to save our belonging when we exit dungeons . In the official pve server i play now the biggest complaining is that nobody can exit alive the heart of volcano. Everybody is loosing obsidian, weapons, armors , tools , even lvl 20 thralls . So , us said to the beginning, something like this has pve interes too

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If they could allow no damage until you move for any loading it would help. This would protect against obb camping, re-spawn camping, and dungeon camping. The second a player does any control input, the protection would be off. Do not know if it is code-able though.

this suggestion comes from someone who does not like the ease mapping does to the game, but still understands while it exists, it is far to easy to be killed by either a NPC or player with way to protect ones self.


This is, i believe, way better, but for some reason, maybe dificulty, maybe teleport risk, i don’t know, they keep it this way since my first game days. So if they intend to keep it this way, at least give as a fighting option. However i really wish they act like you said not to have to carry more ‘stupid potions’ like our friend @The_EpicBoss_man said

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It does…?? I hadnt noticed this! Stelagel can you upload a pic or send a link or something mate. Now Im really interested.

I will be completely honest here, I am reluctant to weigh in on this one. The reason being that I am a purely Offline Singleplayer (ps4), and while I have dabbled in online modes on a friends Xbox, I have very limited experience and knowledge with issues unique to online play such as this one. For the moment I most like @WhatMightHaveBeen s idea. As far as your cloak idea goes, I need bit more information on it. See above ^ :wink:

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You know that I like the simplest too . Still if you go to the admin panel , you can click cloak and you will have my suggested option , now the way for everyone to have it , my idea was a potion . If you click invisible ,you will get @The_EpicBoss_man idea ,that it is cool too and if you click god , you will get @WhatMightHaveBeen idea , that again is cool . So if admin has access , that means that the game has this option , isn’t it ? As I say to the starting post , I believe we will have this options in the future , with the sorcery , still this is a personal opinion , not a rumor , no fact at all , just a theory of my mind :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So yes , it is far simpler when you teleport , to be in invisible or God mode until the time you can react .But I believe they did it this way because they want you to have a risk when you teleport . All I am asking here is a defending chance . I tried to hold my shield while I was teleporting and I have to tell you that sometimes it worked , with a little bug of my character holding the shield after I release the button ,:rofl: but it was ok . Still I doesn’t work 100 percent . That is the reason I am asking a crafted option, made , why not , from dragon heads , that you will surely have it to the late game , but it can be triggered only close to the maps or the dungeon gates and after you press the command to teleport . That means that the potion , will have to be in your choise wheel and you have to act fast . This potion duration must hold as long as you don’t see you character and no more . Closing , I really don’t care if the potion will make you god , invisible or give you cloak , all I am asking is a defending chance here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Ahhhhh…I know what you mean now Stelagel! For some reason I had it stuck in my head that ‘Cloak’ was a new potion which had not yet been fully implemented, similar to Devils Bonemeal. :crazy_face: Again not being very knowledgeable in this area, as I have precious little overall online play time, I could get behind say ~ 3-5 seconds of cloak time while the player/game is loading in. :+1:

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Rumor? The PS5 details states there are no loading screens on the new console. The potion is then superfluous.

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Do you know the prize of the new console? I won’t give 800 euro to a gaming machine, i will wait it’s prize to fall. We have kids, teens and they have educational needs, so for me ps5 is in 2 to 3 years from now. I don’t even know if i 'll play conan that long :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


i play pvp its much worse there then on you pve server

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its gonne be 500 and remmember the more it cost the more likly its gonne be better

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