PPPE/MMRS: Quality Level?


We were fortunate enough to obtain one of these on RK2019, however in preparing to take the PPPE & turn it into the final tool to be used we have come across conflicting information & nothing solid as to what quality of Mass Relocating Robot we should use.

We have heard/found:

Make the highest quality you can with no solid reasoning as to why.

Forum Post from 2002: MRR and PPPEs Quality ?

  • Post summary: ql60 will make ql200 armour for sure 100%. Usually the process increases the ql by 2 and is dependant on your skills and not of the QL of the MMR and PPPE

Minimum QL of Improve (type) Weapon MRR

  • Post Summary: Trying to improve a QL200 Slank Chop with a QL17 MRR, I got the message that I had to have a MRR of at least QL20 in order to do the improvement. 10% of the weapon’s QL or better, in other words. NOTE: This was an Improve not a PPPE item.

Make the highest you can as it reduces the requirements to make the item you TS later.

A quality level 1 can be used to Tradeskill all levels, but this conflicts directly with the forum post

AO Universe makes no mention other than to indicate top quality of various Improve/PPPE

  • Improve Crushing: 73
  • Improve Thrusting: 139
  • Improve Slashing: 200
  • Shape Soft: 200
  • Shape Hard: 200
    NOTE: Ultimate MRR can go as high as 205

For those of you we may have encountered recently asking about this, your guidance has been considered very valuable, however we only started reaching out once we found no solid answers & conflicting information. The advice we received so far has helped, but not cleared the picture up as of yet, but we thank you.


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hey hey :blush:

This is an interesting topic and I’ll do my best to clear up some confusion. I would indeed advise to make the highest Ql Mass Relocating Robot (MRR) you can.

The items you can tradeskill with an MRR come in different Ql’s. You can use the Shape Hard for example to make Ql200 Carbonum. The minimum required Ql of the MRR you can use is a percentage of the Ql of the target item. Now it would be possible to list all the possible tradeskill processes to figure out the minimum Ql that can still make all items, but the safe route is to just make the highest Ql tool you can, because there is never a penalty for having a too high Ql tool. Also it’s a guarantee you won’t later encounter an item that your valuable tool is too low for.

A valid counter-argument would be the cost. Mass Relocating Robots are quite expensive (up to 3-4m). I would recommend going for the long term and making the investment, but I will leave this choice up to you. As a tip: Mass Relocating Robots are significantly cheaper in sided shops. Neutral shops will sell Ql1-100 MRR’s at normal price, Ql100-200 MRR’s at 5x price and Ql200-300 ones at 10x. Sided shops will always sell at normal price. In omni shops, there’s a terminal in the tradeskills room called General Tools and Bases - Superior, to the left of the bar. In clan shops there’s one somewhere with the same name. Sided shops will only have two different Ql’s in stock, so you may need to shop around for a suitable Ql this way.

To clear up some confusion, the following bits may be interesting as well.

Skill requirement
There are tradeskill processes where you can use either a Screwdriver or a Shape Hard to build an item (e.g. Carbonum). In this case, the skill requirement is lower with a Shape Hard than with a Screwdriver. However there is no difference in skill requirement between using a high Ql or a low Ql Shape Hard.

Increase in Ql
Some items may be raised in Ql when you tradeskill them. This depends on two things:

  1. The target item determines the maximum number of Ql’s it can be raised. For example a Metallic Mantis piece under Ql100 can only be raised by at most 1 Ql. A Ql140 piece can be raised by up to 2 Ql’s.
  2. The actual number of Ql’s that you can raise an item with is based on the difference between your skills and the required skills to do the combine. The higher your skills are compared to the requirement, the more Ql’s the final item will be raised. Since using a Shape Hard instead of a Screwdriver will lower the requirements, this means you might be able to raise the Ql more. However there is again no difference in using a high or low Ql tool.

I hope this helps :blush: