Prepared Notum Crystal with 'Projection of Lord Mordeth'

So I was curious and looted the patterns that Familiar of Mordeth drops. Turns out there’s only an A, B and C, no D pattern.

After combining them, I thought I’d actually turn it into a full pattern. However I can’t figure out the tradeskill process. Complete Blueprint Pattern of the Projection of Lord Mordeth is only used as the source and I tried combining it with Crystal Filled by the Source and Subdued Flow of Novictum but neither of them worked.

Anyone know how this works?

AFAIK, you just assemble this pattern and you “pop” it at incernator. I did it couple of times that way.

I ended up figuring it out.

You speak to the NPC that gives out inf missions and you can buy a special crystal from him that you combine with the pattern.

Maybe throw that info Saavicks way so we have some documentation about what to use those patterns for? No such thing as too many guides. :smiley: