Preserving bin issues

The Preserving Bin now has 0 spots to put anything in it making it unusable. The Improved Preserving Bin only has 5 slots like the Preserving Bin used to have.

I have also noticed this on the release version. This was not a problem with the Preservation box or the improved Preservation box on testlive.


I just ran into this issue.

I placed an Improved Preservation Box a few days ago and it had all 10 slots.
I just placed a new one and it only has 5 slots, but my first one still has 10.

I’m on single player, PC, no mods, no admin panel or commands have been used.



If you look at the texture on both improved boxes, you’ll see that they are different.

Edit Edit::

You can force more items into the boxes and get the correct amount of slots by shift-clicking or double-clicking an item. After forcing items in, the 10 slots remain even after removing all items.


same here. mines only got 10 slots. to me this is clearly a bug that needs fixing. it should have the same number of slots as the other improved items.

as it stands i fail to see the point in actually building an improved preservation box as its a massive waste of star metal. makes it utterly useless.

normal benches have 10 slots, improved about 25. this is how it should be. 10 slots for an improved pres box, that needs 20 star metal to build, is worthless.

I don’t see this as worthless at all.

I use two improved boxes and that’s plenty of space for all the food and drinks I need. Enough to last for weeks.

But what you’re saying is not related to the issue presented in this thread. Your bins are working fine, the OPs bins are not. His preservation boxes are bugged, as were mine until I fixed them (details on the problem and the fix are above). You should start a thread in the Suggestions section if you think they need more slots.

ok, so your saying, by your “edit:edit”. that you can shift click (as in split) stacks to increase the number of slots in the improved preserving bin?

Something like that.

A shift-click moves an entire stack between containers, the same as a double-click. This will move a stack to the bin even if you cannot see the correct number of slots.

A shift-drag will split a stack and I don’t think this will work since you can’t see a slot to drag it to.

But from your original post it looks like you ‘are’ getting the correct number of slots. If you check the OP’s post, you can see that he is getting 0 slots on regular bins and only 5 slots on improved bins. My fix here should resolve his problem whereas your bins are fine and you cannot increase the inventory on them.

ok. so, in theory, get some stuff from my stove, shift-click into improved preserving box and see if it increases the inventory space.

i’ll give this a go in about 4 hours (at work currently).

didnt work. its 10 slots period. it never increases beyond 10.
wasting 20 star metal on these is too expensive for 10 slots when all other improved stations have around 30 slots.

@Gizardpuke I already said that your bins are working fine and that you cannot increase the space further. You’re not reading my words so there’s no reason for me to keep responding.

so its only meant to have 10 slots. if thats the case i’ll not be building any more improved versions. as i dont want to waste the star metal.