Preventing players to accessing key to areas of the map


Wish to report server 3208. Clan The Patriots are preventing players from completing the game. They have blocked The Jungle Obelisks and soon the Sinkhole.

Preventing players from accessing key areas of the map.

Put the doors on the obliseks during raid time. Making map rooms for other players obsoleted.

I’ve had several clan mates leave due to their actions.

These actions are ruining the playing experience of new players as well as players wanting to enjoy the Conan Experience.

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Since you tagged this as pvp, the only solution is to blow it up, or use a trebuchet. Blocking obelisks and public map rooms in no way is blocking content of the game…you got legs, you can walk. While Ill agree its a less then noble strategy, on the pvp servers there are ways to counter it.

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Why should i use resc for something i dont get anything out from ? There are some low lvl folks that have a hard time to become strong. I dont want to lose some nice ppl bec of this behav. Plus there are some rules in official server, u could read them.

Are there?

There is not.

Obelisks are not considered “key areas”. Sure, they’re very useful, but not necessary for “completing” the game.

Blocking is part of the game. But so is spamming sandstone wherever you want. Just get bounty oils, put it on blood pick, then harvest 2000 sandstone. Start filling in what ever you want. You know, it is part of the game. They can blow it if they don’t like it.
If they don;t blow it up, do another 2000. Kill the server with them. Because apparently that is the end game of official PVP servers.

Nothing is considered key areas, outside of being able to access game from desert spawn points. Oh except under mesh, no one is allowed to get to those legitly to blow up. gotta protect the trolls.

Please read our official server rules and procedures: