Priv serv - long unsuccessful connect to serv

I start host priv server. I made it with Steam console (Win10 computer). Im in complex lan structure. I ask my Admin to unblock ports TCP 7777 and 2x UDP 27015, 27016. My serv is visible in Steam servers viewer and in game serv viewer.

When I try connect to my serv it take very long time (window with connection picture) and in the end connection is unsuccessful…

Could someone help with such issue?

…I try make some fix myself and used: Conan Exiles Dedicated Server App (Latest Version: 1.0.25)

There is function checking ports and it shows that my 7777 port isnt correct and I dont have “open” UDP 7778…
I will check it with my admin… and give answer is it this making issue: unable to connect.