Private RP(PvP) Servers and Silent Legion

Seriously people. If you play on an RPPvP server you aren’t fooling anyone by saying you are wearing Silent Legion because you like “knightly” armor. Especially when you’re talking about how you wish there was a different helm for it. I know a lot of these servers have a no metagaming policy, but we all know you’re wearing it and looking for a different helmet to minmax. You aren’t fooling anyone.

What? Min/max stats are my character RP? Surely such a thing never happens in RP PvP.

That said, Darfari armor for the win. Because butt crack showing, with a witch doctor mask, while spamming stone spears is always top tier PvP RP.

Are you sore about something?

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Only if running my archery mod which allows Javelins to stack to 10. No idea why they made them singles.

Believe they explained in a dev cast that there was a repair exploit that made them change this.

Throwing axes do the same, they should stack as well but don’t.

I’m just tired of seeing everyone running around in Silent Legion armor. I chose an RPPvP private server in the hopes of avoiding that because it’s just ridiculous looking given the setting, and wanted to see more variation. Honestly it’s like playing on an official server at this point, most people just build borg cubes everywhere while wearing SL.

Resistance is futile!

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Unless you are on a server with fashionista where everyone wears silent legion but skins over it with whatever they want. :slightly_smiling_face:

In my experience a lot of people new to RP private servers bring over a lot of gameplay habits from official PVP. I play on a server where people make a lot of interesting and even beautiful builds… and then I find one place that’s a 10x10 foundation block and all I can think of is “this is a moderated server with rules about raiding… no one is going to come get you in the middle of the night.”

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SL armor is a joke what people dont get is learn the mechanics of combat and you can beat anyone as long you have a decent weapon. I run around in med aqu and royal armor and own SL geared people all the time

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The server I play on lots of people don’t use silent legion end game… but honestly this is a design issue as the pvp meta at end game doesn’t allow for many viable builds.

I’m pretty sure I read that SL armor is going to be nerfed in a coming patch. So you can at least enjoy some metagamer tears soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

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