Privatly hosted server crashing after 05.10.23 update

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: HMS_Naughty_Rumps
Mods: Tier4_Thrall_Half_Increased_Spawn.pak ArmorStats_in_Bench.pak Pythagoras_Support_Beams.pak UnlockableContainers.pak Katana_Family.pak UIMod_Hosav.pak Simple_Minimap.pak BarbarianBarber.pak No_Building_Placement_Restrictions.pak

Bug Description:

Server crashes when approaching or spawning into the base. Ours is a small 4 person private server with a single small footprint base constructed at the edge of the no build zone of The Den. Also occasionally occurs when approaching NPC’s and initiating combat. Replicated multiple times on backups running back to 7 days ago when the server was stable. Craches have only been occuring since this mornings update.

Bug Reproduction:

Spawn in away from the base and either die and respawn in the base or run to and approach the base.

Update, It seems the crash is happening anywhere in the world. it just dropped out in transit along the eastern river

I found on my servers that some mega bases that used a lot of the mod-pieces as their core were causing a huge amount of lag the moment any player got nearby - lag that would often cause fatal crashes. The moment those bases were removed the lag and fatal crashes disappeared. Mega bases that had reduced mod-pieces in their builds did not suffer this issue - although there is one mega base of this type that does have a ton of lag, though no crashes. That base has a lot of decor, thralls, pets, and has mixed many differnt DLC build pieces, which I am guessing is causing lag.

(for example, one player used the mod placement frames to build their mega-base and then added the normal build pieces to those. The base could then defy all the standard build restrictions. It looked amazing, but was in effect using double the build pieces - one lattice frame + one build piece per piece.)

Taking it as granted every one of the mods your server uses has been updated since the last update?

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I don’t think it’s the number of mod pieces, I built our only little base an a rough head count would give maybe 30 pieces max from the mod packs in the build.

I guess I could back up, and demolish the base but I’ve been getting hangs and crashes 1/2 way across the map, entering/exiting caves and dungeons as well

I unsubbed purged and resubbed the mod list this morning and pushed the new files up to the server

Still the same behaviour

Ive just watched the server dashboard during a crash, CPU load was pretty steady at 4.5% usage. RAM useage rock solid at just under 6gb Inbound traffic maybe 250 bytes and outbound nothing.

Greetings @sociable.nomad ,

Can you try to turn off some mods in order to see if there’s a conflict happening?

Thank you in advance!

I have this too, its caused by the latest update and using decorations.

I am building a castle like city on our server. Started a couple of month ago and had no problems while only using building pieces and workstations. Had about 20 chests. And about 40 thralls. Neither the building pieces nor the thralls or the loot had cost me any trouble to this point

My fiance also has a megabuild of his own and no problems too. We are using a private rented g-portal server and have good gaming rigs.

After the purge update hit live I noticed that my buildings started to load in very slowly. And I noticed that sometimes if I am standing in the second floor of the building and walking dowstairs my doors/gate started loading in again. I hadn´t build anything in the last 14 days prior the update. So I am sure the update did something here. Something that hasn´t been fixed so far. Then I started decorating the building my workstations are in. Nothing too crazy but since then loading the base in is so slow that I really have to stand there for a minute or 2 until everything is loaded in properly. Its not fun.

Its known since forever now that decorations can cause problems but boy I never thought that putting out some basic decorations are causing this mayhem on our server. Its crazy. No wonder that the game is constantly crashing when using a low end pc.

And the thing is that Funcom is ignoring this for years now. We need a fix for this. Can´t be that you kill your game by putting up some decorations.

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I thought I should come back and share my eventual fix.

We self host using pterodactyl panel. To check it the issue was our server or the game/mods I got a 3 day rental at gportal and transferred our save. It was rock solid there.

After doing some digging, the “egg” we originally used pulled the stable version of wine to install the server on. A newer egg had been published that pulls the latest version with a couple extra tweaks.

I deleted the current container/server and reinstalled using the newer egg / wine:latest.

We’re rock solid again, and even better than before as we always had minor warnings pop in the past.

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