Problem in character transfer and waiting almost two weeks for an answer

Game mode:Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Edition: Steam

The original problem is :>

An official server won’t let me export the character, but it won’t let me import it from another either, the error message is about (Serialization error importing the character)

Is it possible to fix this problem?

Kindly, @Pliskin told me about opening a support ticket to try to fix the problem and I have!

When opening the ticket, I received an automatic email message with the following content:

Greetings Exile and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Please feel free to share this report over to our forums Conan Exiles - Funcom Forums as you will be able to find more information on this issue there.

We want to keep all in game issues visible to all our players so the forums are the best place to check for bug reports.
You can read more about how to report a bug here:

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

That’s all, I still have the same problem, it has not been solved yet.
Nor have I received any communication, apart from the automatic message at the same time of opening the ticket.

In any case, I’m still asking the same thing…

Is it possible to solve the problem that my character cannot be uploaded or exported from one official server to another?

so, he already has a character uploaded, and when he wants to download to a server, he is not able to do so. So, he has blocked the server transfer funcionality. I hope funcom support will help him to solve it.

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if that is!

I also hope that Funcom will help me, I have posted about this problem a few times, I still haven’t gotten help solving this problem after months waiting for a solution.

Yes, i hope Funcom help fix this problem.

5 years later…

Did you select transfer issues or bug report in the ticket?

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Greetings everyone,

You need to report any issues with your character transfers over on Zendesk. This way our team over there will be able to help you out further.

You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Remember to use the correct Request Type (in this case Character Transfer Issues). This option is at the bottom of the drop down menu so make sure you scroll all the way down.
Otherwise your report will not be added to the correct ticket queue and the team won’t be able to help.

Hope this helps!