Problem when cooking food and more:

Just got the game & having some issues if anyone can help it would be appreciated.
I am using PC, Solo play, to get used to the game and have come across an issue where when Im cooking food it ends up either staying raw or producing putrid meat when I just want cooked food.
Not just this but when I put panther cubs into a pen it doesn’t appear in the ‘crafting queue’, instead it just has scorpions.

Do you turn the fire on when cooking ?? Not sure about the animal pen but I have not seen any other posts about bugs like this.

Wow. Ok, that sounds odd. Just to check:
with the food in the campfire - do you definitely have fuel in there (wood, coal, whatever)? and then click the ‘play’ button? (I’m guessing it’s not that, but let’s start by eliminating it.)
There has been a bug before where when you hit play on a campfire, it instacooks everything in there and some of it insta-spoils (though I haven’t had that bug for a few updates, so not sure it still happens) - but that should still leave you some cooked food as well.
If (as it sounds like) none of these points seems to relate, then you may have discovered a new bug.

Panthers in the training pen - this also sounds very odd - are you saying that the panthers don’t get added to the taming queue at all, but scorpions do get added when you try them? Or are you saying that panthers ‘turn into’ scorpions when they go into the crafting queue? If it’s just that panthers won’t queue up, have you made sure there is some fresh meat in the pen inventory when you put them in? (Scorpions can tame with putrid meat, cats can’t).

If none of this sounds relevant, then it may be worth trying to verify the game files through steam - hopefully it could just be a small file corruption somewhere…

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Yes Wood & the raw meat Same with Pen The food that’s Required for the Pet

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yes I turn it on to cook

Thanks for confirming that.

In that case my next suggestion would be to verify the game files through steam - to make sure there’s no corrupted file causing this. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’m running low on possible solutions and you may need someone more knowledgeable about the game’s inner workings.

Just one thought to check - I assume, since you mentioned trying the game, that you aren’t using any mods? (They can sometimes interfere with odd things that they wouldn’t seem likely to be interacting with at all.)

I Just Joined a friend & Works the way it should I think you’re right I have missing files so I will reinstall the game


That sounds like a bug, and I’m not talking cockroaches in your stove.

File a bug report.

And also call an exterminator to sort out your cockroaches, that’s just good hygiene