Problem with bazaar items/ review of the bazaar

I’m hoping maybe a dev will see this but it’s also for players on the fence about the bazaar

Sharing my experience with the bazaar for anyone considering using it:
Whilst I enjoy the items available on the bazaar I feel as though little effort has been made regarding their overall versatility, I purchased a Turanian building set and Stygian Commander set

The Turanian set has a set of tent style pieces that are very aesthetically pleasing, however the round walls do not fit on round foundations/ceilings/floors for some reason, which defeats the whole point. (this would be fine but we are paying MONEY for this), this is probably an issue with other similar round wall pieces too

The Stygian Sword and Shield from the commander pack do not properly slot onto a shield or weapon rack, meaning you cannot display them properly without severe scuff. I suspect this is an issue for other bazaar packs too.

Overall it feels like a lot of effort was made with texturing and modelling these pieces but no testing was done whatsoever, the Turanian pieces have been out for ages now and so far no fix, very dissappointing.

I would not bother with the bazaar unless there’s something you desperately want, but even then… probably not worth the money at this stage. buggy and unfinished.


More importantly, the Bazaar needs more detailed descriptions on what exactly the items being sold are and how they function. Is the item only decorative or does it have container space, and how much? What are the weapons and armor actually made of (looking at you, “dragonbone katana” that isn’t made of dragonbone)? Don’t use “fluff” descriptions that could be mistaken for game mechanics (such as swords used as sorcerer foci if you can’t use them to cast spells, or as swords).


The Bazaar (and the similar payment portions for other games) do kinda give the impression of that last part of a shopping aisle, that ‘lane of temptation’, filled with fluff, spin, bling, and tack, all designed to grab the attention, tempt the unwary, interest the toddler, and occasionally, deliver something vaguely cool. Am reminded of a sugar-driven squirrel for some reason.
(at least there is a ‘confirmation’ button when you click the ‘I want’ button) :smiley:

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