Problem with the newly purchased steel cecrete pack playstation 4

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Region: [europe spain]

Hello, I bought a few days ago the steel cecrete package and I can not make the conan sword, nor wear a real uniform, suggestion? I have requested the purchase cancellation refund to playstation 4.

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Hello @ozoman8, do you mean you’ve purchased the Riddle of Steel DLC?

What specific sword are you looking for?

hello , sword the conan and royarl uniform they are blocked

They were only for pre orders…

@Ragnaguard is correct royal Armor and conan Sword where part of original preorder bonus. They just show up in admin panel now. Don’t believe that they did before. They are not part of any current DLC.

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Thank you for clarifying, as it has been mentioned these items are only available as part of the preorder bonus, so they’re not attainable through any DLC.

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