PS4 Day One Edition Bonus Problem

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: | Bug |
Region: France

i have bought my Day One Edition the launch day
and redeem my day one code to obtain the Conan Sword Bonus on the Playtation Store.

But, when i validate the process, i have see it was for unlock the Conan Sword bonus in game.
When i have launch the game, i have the Royal Armor unlocked but not the Conan Sword… :frowning:

I have try to get the Sword with Admin Console, but i have the 8011 Error code
Can you help me?
Thanks by advance.
(PS: Sorry for my English…)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1 : Redeem the PSN Day One Edition code to get the Conan Sword bonus
2 : Validate the purchase for the bonus Conan Sword
3 : Check Downloaded history of my PSN account to see i have unlocked Conan Armor
4 : And on the game, i have the Royal Armor unlocked but not the Conan Sword :frowning:

Yes this happened to a lot of players with dlc codes. But funcom stated that it was known and they would try to fix it. So far nothing has been said about it nor does ot seem that they have any intention of fixing this issue. They already made the money and are busy patching the pc version to streamline the game since all the elitist pc gamers are crying harder. Once again console is being neglected and we have to be happy with hotfixes that actually make the game more unstable and less playable then it was on launch. So don’t expect the sword to come soon, and by the time tipi will have acces to it it will be obsolete.

Is it not also because they have to wait for Sony to give the patch the green light in the certification process where as on pc they can just push out the patch as soon as it’s ready.

Hang on, isn’t it $ony who dropped the ball on this one?
We were told that $ony was fixing this problem for us, since many days have passed since then, I’m starting to think they forgot or just don’t care.

There was also a 52 post thread about other people having the same problem and someone from Funcom responded on that 11 days ago

Are y’all telling me the preorder comes with the armor AND sword!?

No, the pre-order comes with either the sword from the physical version, or the armor from the digital version.
What people are saying here is that we got the wrong pre-order bonus codes from Sony.
I was supposed to get the sword but got the armor instead, I would really like to get what I wanted and payed for.

Both Sony and Funcom have gone silent on this issue and if left to sony it will never get fixed. I have lost count of how many times Sony have took money for something and failed to deliver or refund.