Problem with the PURGE!

Has anyone else had the problem of being hit multiple times by the PURGE at odd times?
Like, I know the PURGE is supposed to happen unexpectedly. But, the past three times in a row it has happened at either 2 o’clock in the morning or 3 o’clock in the morning. This suggests to me that there is a pattern set to this. Also, I have played Conan Exiles for some time now and my comrades and I have built a stronghold only to have it destroyed multiple times at odd hours! The founding member of the clan took hours upon hours building a literal stronghold complete with a wall, animal guards, and spikes to keep intruders out. The rest of the clan members aided in gathering the materials to make what was necessary to after the first purge assault (which happened at the odd hour of 3 in the morning when everyone is asleep) destroyed much of the property, fortify it even stronger using metal walls. Which by the way takes a lot of time, effort and material. Only to have the purge come again a few days later and destroy it all, and kill all of our pets! It didn’t matter that we fortified it with a stronger material. We looked at other strongholds in the area only to see that not only had they not been touched but none of their property and pets were destroyed. I do not know if this is just a matter of those individuals being lucky or perhaps there is a cheat code that they have. I don’t know. But, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what material you fortify with or whom you have guarding your place. The purge will still come and destroy your most valuable things. Our clan has been there for a few of the purges and fought off the onslaught (even at the odd hour of 3 in the morning). So I am not saying that I have a problem with the purge itself. I am saying that I have a problem with the fact that it is at odd hours in the morning ( people have work in the morning and do not have time to be sitting up to all hours of the night to wait for the purge!), and that it doesn’t matter that we took the steps to heavily fortify the stronghold with metal walls. They still destroyed so much of our stronghold that we now have to rebuild the majority of it. Wasted time, wasted effort, and nothing to really show for it. It has gotten so bad that the clan spends all its time repairing damage from the purge! I know that it is to assimilate not knowing when you will be attacked and all, but there is no real benefit to using what is given to you in the game as stronger building materials. Only to have the same result and worse! In fact, there was even more damage done this last time around! So much so that we have all decided that we will no longer play the game. It is not worth the time effort, and headache. I have shared this to alert the developers to this issue. Perhaps, there could be some adjustments made to some of the components of the purge. It does no one any good to actually make the efforts to protect their home only to have it be destroyed despite your best efforts. Oh, and just FYI all the other places in the area was built with the first level building material(sand and brick) and they were not destroyed or harmed in any way.

the purges I have dealt with all come at the same time… at 5am EST. its like clockwork and hasn’t failed as of yet.

yeah we have no idea of knowing what 3am is to you, that could be normal time for that server.

Edit: Search Purge 101

Assuming you are on an official server … To me it sounds like the time zone the server is linked to is not your time zone.
I suggest that you post what server it is and ask that Ignasis confirm for you what time zone that server is linked to. It won’t be the first time settings on an official server have randomly been changed to something else unintentionally… so this way you will have direct confirmation when it should be and if it’s actually behaving as intended.
If on a private server then ask one of the Admins to tell you the time zone that the server is linked to and confirm the purge window.

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