Problem with Twitch account linking

I linked my game to Twitch when first drops was active. Some time ago I lost access to Twitch account due to issues with 2FA and was unable to restore it. Wanted to connect new Twitch account, but game told me it’s already linked to the old one. Only way to manage connection is by using Twitch settings, but I can’t login into old Twitch account to do so.

So, how can I disable connection with the Twitch account, if I no longer have access to it? I can provide info about game and Twitch accounts if it helps. If I remember correctly previously there was option at the page you accessed from the game to unlink accounts, but now it’s gone it seems. Probably there is a way to manage such stuff from Funcom side which I didn’t noticed?

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Welcome to the forums @Setr!

Have you tried contacting Twitch directly to help recover your account?

I’m not sure Funcom is able to help you here either.
For them to terminate the link (assuming they can) you would need to provide more then just account names.

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Yes, I tried to restore it. Twitch/Authy supports cannot help with it, so I ended up with a new account.

I removed link for Battle net and Bethesda accounts for example from their own dashboards and then connected them on a new Twitch account without issues. So that should be possible, there just no options provided for us from Funcom to make it currently, as far as I can see. So guess only thing I can do, is to ask here. Like, connection should be disableable from both sides anyways :slight_smile:

I can provide any additional information needed, just not sure what else can be helpful. Not even sure what to do with it really. It’s not a bug or something I mean, just thing out of my control. Hope it can be handled, don’t want to miss new drops.

Sorry for tagging, but probably @Community could help with that?
Just there is no request type in Zendesk or in game for something like that. I tried to send it as part of report about XP multipliers (ticket 75984). They was fixed it seems, but no answer about Twitch or any changes on connection status.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We asked our team to take a look at your ticket as soon as possible.

Have a great week!

Sadly support cannot help with that, so no drops for me :frowning:
I’ll post suggestion on adding disconnect option in game I suppose. Like, it exists in all other services, so it should be possible at least.
Thank you.

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