Problema with graphics and display

Lately this problem has happened to me.

Reddit video: /r/TheSecretWorldLegends/comments/9vztru/any_idea_how_to_solve_this_problema_graphics/

Any idea how to fix it?

Do you have a working link or are we supposed to guess what your problem is?

Exactly, you have to guess (joke)

I don’t know how to add links (I thought the forum didn’t allow it). If you add reddit-dot-com before the previews “link” it works. If you know a better way the share the video please let me know.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that happen (but not in Blue Mountain) before, which a relog fixed for me.

If that doesn’t resolve it, you might want to try to repair broken data? Maybe? Not sure.

Restart the game works, but it keeps occurring irregularly :frowning:

I’m going to try the repair method, although I installed the game recently.


Repair is also useful because what could have occurred was, during installation, something was off. By repairing and double-checking it can help potentially fix the issue :slight_smile:

That doesn’t look like something that a repair would fix tbh. All the stuff on disk has loaded properly, it just isn’t drawing when your camera points in certain directions and there probably isn’t a file controlling that. :v:

As far as I’m aware this is just a long-standing bug in the renderer and I thought changing zones fixed it but it hasn’t happened in a while so I could be misremembering. I remember there was a bug with Blue Mountain that could be fixed by turning one of the advanced graphics sliders (“Effects Detail” maybe) down from 4 to 3 but I think that was framerate related rather than the world disappearing.

The disappearing world bug happens a lot when you die or anima leap in BM or SF (and more rarely when zoning into HE). Restarting the game seems to be the most reliable way to get rid of it, but @JimmyTheRabbit found that triggering a cutscene also got rid of it for him (at least once).

I feel like this is also something that could be related to gpu drivers. Have you tried updating (or downgrading) them?

Watching this video makes me think that there is something wrong with your GPU. This could be a simple as a corrupted driver install, or it could be due to overheating or possible hardware failure. I could get a better sense of what the issue is if you contacted us through for tech support.

Seems unlikely, it happens intermittently to, well, just about everyone I’ve played with. I’ve not seen it there, most frequently I see it occur in Hell Eternal. Oddly enough, the Piston Predators from the 4th boss in that dungeon still draw.

If you find a view direction that draws successfully, and don’t alter your viewpoint, everything continues to render fine. This was admittedly a lot easier and more practical when tab targeting was a thing.

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In Hell Eternal, it can happen if you die while engaged with the Archaean Seismocratist–perhaps related to dying to Rot Iron in particular. Once you’ve respawned at the Anima Well, you might find yourself afflicted with the disappearing world.

We can speculate about whether or not this is the game or hardware, but it’s not going to get us anywhere. I’d still like this player to contact us through tech support at

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It happened to me second time in few days, all textures on map, including terrain are gone. When I rotate camera it switches constantly: imgur[dot]com/a/Q2k58pI
Also policies on this forum aren’t really thought out, I had to put a lot of unnecessary effort (can’t post image nor link) just to include here gif displaying this bug.

Anything I could do to provide you with clear evidence it’s something on the game side would be a gross violation of the game’s terms of service. I would happily hook RenderDoc up and find out if I didn’t think there’d be some kind of repercussions.

That is not what they are asking for, if the player with the problem would contact support, they can try check those things themselves.

Nope, we don’t have to speculate here. It’s the game. I’ve had that effect happen in TSW with AMD graphics under Windows 7 and in SWL with a nvidia card under Windows 10 and yes, those were completely separate boxes.

The only 2 times it happened to me were in Hell Eternal, but but they were not tied to death, they happened right at start while moving to the first boss.

That’s usually how it happens to me, but I was able to use Ox’s note and repeatedly die to the Seismocratist and trigger the bug after about four deaths.

There are a couple of anima wells that are %[email protected]$ing notorious for triggering this bug. I will never use the Blue Mountain anima well just south of the Trailer Park (near the mail truck) because of this, its like a 1 in 3 chance of triggering this, even if its the first well you port to after starting the game.

In the Besieged Farmlands, using the well by the windmill with the French girls is very risky, especially if its raining in the zone.

Something about the effects being too heavy and a complete redraw like after a teleport causes it. its like something is rendering out of order based on the direction you’re facing. When you teleport to Agartha during it, the paths render but all the added artwork gets hidden when you face the ‘right’ directions.

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