Problems in official server

Hello Exiles,

My team and İ have built a lot with hard work and sweat. We have been plundered and plunder others, just like it is in a PvP server. So we built a fortress that can neither be reached nor attacked. The building was made of black ice and even if it were destroyed, which is impossible, it would not be climbable. The attack and plunder times are between 6 pm and 11 pm.

After 11pm we stopped playing. The next day I was back online at 4pm. However, I saw that the building was destroyed and also a few benches. Very strange, that much was not plundered. Our workers were there too.

There was also no message who plundered us. It’s just really annoying that you lose everything for no reason. It’s not like we violated game rights or anything. We are generally fair players. Maybe one of you can help me. Because if no one has a good explanation I would give up playing. It’s happened before and we had to collect and build everything again. But then we were attacked, that’s normal. That’s why we had built something impregnable.

Thank you in advance

What do your logs say? Does it show anything losing stability?

No base is unraidable though and with the added bat flying and ice bridge, there is no need to climb.


At the beginning we checked the logs to make sure that nothing like this happened.

We also created a wall that prevents ice bridge and flight.

Ok but what does it say in your logs now?

If it was a bug or admin wipe you’d see “lost stability”.

If you or a clanmate removed the base it would show the names of who did it.

If it was raided it would show “destroyed by”.

Did any of what I mentioned occur?

A wall might stop ice bridge but not bats. You can fly to the ceiling of the map with bats.

I woke up in the desert. My clan member in any dungeon. There was no message at all.

Can I see the logs later or do they have a specific time?

We were online and didnt get a message who attacked us. İ asked my clanmate to look and he said the same.

When looking at the logs, increase the proximity slider all the way to the right. If you’re not in the vicinity you would not see entries otherwise.

How can i see the logs on the xbox?

Menu > Server > Event Log

Make sure you increase proximity to full, you can leave days at default.

Ensure that the following checkboxes are checked:
• building system
• unauthorized inventory access

The others are not necessary; I would leave friendly inventory access unchecked.

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Hopefully nothing bad happened and it was just a raid on you, but ^^^, every base can be reached and raided. Unless its undermeshed or off the map, anything can be done.

However, when you stated you were back online at the start of raid time, that leads me to think that someone, somehow was able to fly up into your base. Did you have any doors open, missing or windows that someone could shoot gas arrows through or something along that line? Im not knocking on your abilities or anything, just trying to find out if this was a legit raid/kill or if someone hacked, or if it was a stability bug.

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İts ok i understand. We didnt have windows. All doors were locked. We checked and thought someone get on the top with flying. But our side walls was damaged and not the top. Thats the weird thing.

Example. We attacked someone too. He had a base like ours. We used 30 bombs and nothing happened. The funny thing is i was offline at 11 pm. And the next day on 4 pm i was online. This is the time, where you cant plunder or destroy.

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Thanks a lot. İ will check and tell you.

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Now i see. There stands that a player did a ritual. What does this mean?

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He cast a god on you.

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