Building partly gone? What has happened here?

So I built a wheel base a week or two ago. Then I went there again and thought that we were raided. Eventlog just says that some parts lost stability, so some part of that building went poof?

Use the Repair Hammer to check your building stability. My German is a bit rusty, but i am guessing the message in red is telling it is a stability issue.


To explain was happened there:
The wheelbase was completely encased and now there is a giant hole without any events reported in the eventlog…
And then there is a stability issue (due to the lower parts having disappeared (bedroll was on top of a foundation, door in a doorframe) and there isnt a single trace what has happened to both the foundation or the doorframe?
This is what I am wondering about. Nothing in the eventlog tells me that some player has raided that place. There is no reason why three foundations which have been sitting at collision (mountain) have disappeared.

@1200: If anyone raided that place, I am cool with that. I just want to know what has happened there.

Check the decay timer if it is turned one. Should be the same for all the building parts. I have seen some issues in my base where some parts of it are decaying and adjacent parts are not. There used to be an issue with that happening last year during the EA period that was resolved. It amounted to an issue with the decay system not working correctly. Do you know if the Purge is turned on for the server you play on?

Its official 1200, which is a pvp server.
This is why I said it looks like it has been raided, but the event log wont tell me about it. (As you can see above.)
It’s 3 of 4 or 5 sandstonefoundations which got deleted as well as 1-2 ceilings which acted as floor plus another roughly 14 ceilings to cover the top. As well we the walls. It really looks like it got raided, but there is no entry at all. Even stability issues (though I visited that wheelbase for 2-3 days in a row and never anything happened) would be told about in the event log, so some entry is missing.

Purge is active on the Official servers. I am not sure on what gets logged from the purge attacks.

Everything. Also purge is not able to attack in that way.

I’m not sure why the Event log isn’t showing everything, but here is what my guess is.

I’m thinking that you were raided, but maybe only partially. They blew something up or whatever, and then you got a bunch of info saying you lost stability because they blew up the part that handled the stability. Again, I’m just guessing here, could be something else.

People usually only crack buildings up instead of properly destroying them. So it makes sense that way. At least I now got an idea for my favorite swungle wheelbase spot. The stairs going around that tree, leaving the base to be seen from one side only.

Thing is, that it really must be the event log having a risk of not displaying everything.
Would make more sense if this was done by a player because maybe there is a way to hinder eventlog from displaying which then would call for a search of conditions under which this is possible.

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