Base missing, not sure what happen

So after the reset our base was half missing. Whats the reasons behind it? No meshing, nbody attacked us. Wasnt a stability issue. Judt half the base gone.

This may be an old bug if only half the base is missing. If you feel uncomfortable posting a public bug report because its a pvp server, perhaps @Community can take the details in private, otherwise I would do a bug report using the template with exactly where your base was and on what server so they can try to reproduce it. Half a base missing would be an issue they would really like to replicate if there is something at your location.

Best of luck


I know this is a dumb question, but was it like permanently gone after a relog?

I had this happen to me about a week or so ago, the base I just got finished building up was missing. It was still there, like you couldn’t entire the area. So I logged out and back in, and it popped right in.

With all the bases decaying due to the timer changes, i’ve been doing daily rounds around the map to ahem cough cough not let things go to waste. And i have noticed some bases are half gone, not a visual bug neither as i can walk in and move around the bases. This is on a pve-c server and the bases in question had full timer on them still as they belong to active players/clans, so i do think there is some sort of bug happening. Dreading logging in and finding the same on mine tbh.

That sounds like an old bug. The old bug had an awesome looking effect, if not a server destroying one. What would happen is if you changed decay to a lower number or turn it on from off. It would take the timer from when the server was first launched and apply it to the current date.

Effectively decaying the whole server. But it would be the final decay timer, not the ‘decayed’ one. So everything would collapse at once. The way it looked was fantastic. It looked like an invisible tidal wave starting from one side of the map and rolling through the other. So you would see parts of buildings standing while the other side was collapsing. But eventually the whole building came down for everyone.

Sounds like something else is happening here to be honest though. Almost like a reverse of that. So let me ask this rhetorical question to illustrate what I think is happening. What happens to a struture that has 6 days left out of 14, and the max is changed to 7? Does it still have 6 days? Or is it 8 days overdue?

So with that said, I wonder if when the timer was changed if some of the buildings went into a sort of already decayed state and simultaneously refreshed in an inconsistent way? Decay has never really taken down buildings with a consistent rhyme or reason in the first place, which leads me to believe this is what is happening.

That would definitely be confirmed if everyone who had +7 days left on their timers when the change was made and nothing happened to them. But not necessarily disproven otherwise. I just know decay has always acted wonky in the past when its settings were messed with.

IMO if you use decay, leave it be. You can turn it off. But don’t mess with it once its set… and if you turn it off… take a back up before turning it back on.


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