Base Decayed even after logging in. Not all of base decayed

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I had to take a short break due to work but made it a point to log in at least once a week and run around to keep decay timer down. I log in tonight and my place is gone. But not all of it, there are some stuff that changed from decayed to normal. There is nothing in the log back 21 days of the base turning from normal to decay. the last time I logged in was at the start of the week. Checking the log there was no attack from a purge gone wrong or something. What gets me is not everything decayed.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Hello! I am sorry for the loss of your base. I don´t know what exactly happened, but is it possible that you did not connect all your building pieces together? If you place foundations, fence foundations or pillars without letting them snap to an already existing building part, a new building with a new building ID and a new decay timer is created. This way it would be possible to partially lose building parts to the decay. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of players … :woozy_face:

It can absolutelly happen unfortunately… when u log in just for decay timmers renewal it can be so that even though u go to a place,it does not gets renewed. . its a bug,and an annoying one, but make sure u interact with something(i ussually remove and place again a placeable like a torch or deco,so the action gets in event log and i always check with tab and make sure that timmer is renewed… ALWAYS check timmer with tab when u make the renew decay run… U will be surprised the 1st time u will see u r on a building and timmer does not reset… but can happen.
Sry for the loss m8

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