Problems when playing on the PVE server

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What’s happening? What’s up with the game? What’s going on with the server? Server 1003. Why is craft lost? Slaves? Bosses? What did the Developers cheat ??? Impossible to play !!!
Что происходит? Что с игрой? Что происходит с сервером? Сервер 1003. По чему пропадает крафт? Рабы? Боссы? Что Разработчики накрутили??? Играть невозможно!!!

you have the armor icon ( in the top right ) activated , this means the crafting inventory will only show , armor related craft , to see everything again deselect the option by clicking on it )

for the rhino … i don’t know what to say …

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Why use filters? Really. How could I forget. Karl how ?! Soaked up. Thank you

Dead rhino physics were in the game from way back in early-access - and were kept on for the amusement factor - sometimes elephants also strive for flight on death. At least if you are fast enough to get underneath to try catch them you will take no squishing damage. Not a fault.

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