Problems with server #1534

Guess we should just go ruin other people’s weekends on a different server.

Hi there,

Sorry for the late response. I work the night shift here so I couldn’t respond til now. I reported the server for further investigation.

so who works the day shift then?

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Yeah I’m getting really frustrated with 1534. Exiles was released and we all bought it and picked a server. it just so happened to be 1534. and between my thralls with decked out gear falling through the floor and despawning, also not attacking enemies, my body consistently not spawning after I die and losing all my things for no reason, the terrible TERRIBLE interface for your inventory, the fact that the yellow lotus potion ALSO resets your feats, and now all the issues with server 1534. This game is not complete. Its a very frustrating experience. And doing anything in the game is such a gamble because you never know if you’ll make it back to the base, even if you never encounter any players or monsters. My friends and I had been looking at this game for a while and specifically waited for release because we didn’t want this janky experience. Like August I am also considering requesting a refund. I was really hoping to spend my saturday afternoon playing Conan Exiles. But the server is down. again.

It just sucks that the game is so damn fun.

If my wife comes home before the server is back up its going to seriously impact my game experience… J/K… kind of, please hurry

servers back up for now at least, thanks guys

Thank you, Marshmellow!

And it is crashed again. Almost up for 90 minutes.

and its down again.

and up and then down again

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work us some magic mashmellow

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Looks like its down again.

crashed again …

Unfortunately, the issue is out of my hands now. This server along with 1532 and 1533 are going to require the attention of the server team. Please keep a look out for when the issue is solved.

thanks for keeping us updated . and for the record it just went down again


Down again. Hope this is resolved soon. Basically everyone I talk to on the server is just base sitting and not venturing very far due to being afraid that the server could go down any sec. Wouldn’t due to be in a hostile environment if it did. We are lucky if it lasts an hour at times. What gives? My other server is always up but this one is my main server. Why is it having these issues?

1534 just went down agian

remember the good old days when itd only go down every six hours or so… peppridge farm remembers

please fix the server so we can play for another hour

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Any chance at an update to the fix progress?