Server #1533 Crashing Constantly

1533 has been going down constantly for the past couple of days with no one able to login.

This problem is consistent with what other server are experiencing (namely the posts regarding server #1534 and #1997 in this forum).

I have submitted an official report regarding the server but the problems continue.

Please direct G Portal to look into this issue. The weekend is here and many of us would like to play.

Just crashed again…10:11 pm central time (US)

Server crash at 11:42 pm central time (US)

Another server crash at 11:17 am central time (US)

Hi there,

I have reported the issue to the developers along with the issues that are happening with 1534. Please keep a lookout for more information.

Thanks for the update Mashmellow.

Server #1533 just went down again at 5:18 pm central time (US)

Server crash at 7:17 pm central time (US)

dropped at 7:17 seems to drop every time we hit 15+players

Server crash at 9:30 pm central time (US)

We are currently monitoring 1532-1534 as they all have been crashing throughout the night. Please keep a look out for more information as it becomes available.

We appreciate the update Mashmellow. Thanks for communication.

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Server crash at 11:28 pm central time (US)

Server crash at 4:40 pm central time (US)

Server crash at both 10:30am and 10:45am CST. Less than 2 minutes of down time for each crash

Server crash at 1:07pm CST, downtime of 6 minutes

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