Project 50, a tedious experiment

So, today I finally ended a long journey and got to 50.
What’s the big deal, you might ask… level 50 is quick and easy.

not so quick and easy if you never leave Agartha :smile:

@Leogrim might remember around the first anniversary we had the SWL cycle with the club, and around that time there were debates on the event differences between TSW and SWL, and about which approach is the better (since both are newbie-friendly and great for early leveling).

Somewhere along that debate got the idea into my head: taking an Agartha-resident character to 50, since the events and bosses do make house calls in SWL…

It took quite a while, even put the character on the shelves for about a year, when after the winter changes Hel hath no fury xp anymore. Luckily the big golem army has always provided enough to advance, bit by bit, until today’s silvery doofus rewarded the last 10k xp needed for level 50.

Long and tedious journey indeed, kind of pointless too, without any moral of the story, besides: “don’t do it” :crazy_face: Just thought to share it as a proof it is possible - if one is dumb enough to jump in it…

(and maybe for a edit, in the Anniversary section, since the Boone handshake, his Mesquite beans, Texas style dinner and all, is not needed eventually:
There are no level requirements necessary to enter and face the Talos. A player only needs to have met Jack Boone in Kingsmouth Town in order to participate in the raid.” )


For Science!

Wow, well done! :partying_face:

Encourages me to put some more time into Sardinefairy.
Who knows if that char will ever get so far as your Agartha char.
I applaud your dedication. Amazing job Hobo^^

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Nah, it is nowhere near to your full red gear :slight_smile:
(Hobragon still only has purples, with orange weapons)

Awesome, great work dude. It’s a beta experiment :upside_down_face:

Congrats on getting to 50, that is dedication:)