Pros and Cons of Necro/Demo?


New player here and I’m kinda lost. I’m find myself having a hard time deciding between Necromancer and Demonologist. So far I’ve levelled both of them to 20. Necro definitely seems to be much quicker and also do more damage/AoE.

Does Demo get better later on (aka not having to spam Fires of Gehenna 24/7)? Does the Necro performance fall off?
What’s the major differences between the two (aside from pets)?

Thanks in advance!

both are good singletarget dpsers, demo is more what you would expect from a typical mage-class while necro get a fair share of their dmg trough multiple dots and pet-dmg.

demo has far better aoe burst damage. necro has good aoe damage aswell but has longer buildup time, in many situations the mobs are dead before the necro get their spice ready, on the other hand, necros can compete with demos in aoe in fights where they have enough time to use their stuff.

Singletarget-wise, you will use alot of fires of gehenna at 80 aswell, but you will have other faster spells too creating a rotation. The necro performance doesnt fall off.

In short, both classes are strong troughout the game, I would just pick the one you find more interesting to play


I think demo is a bit more straightforward direct damage while necro needs to multitask a bit more between targets with the dots to maximize the dps.
Demo has instant kb for defence. Necro on the other hand has the ability to heal himself up fairly fast with lifetap. Demo is bursting its damage faster as was said before.

I feel the survivability of necro is higher then that of demo just because of the lifetap abilities.


You did not talk about the mana management on both sides.
But do not start with the high-end accessories and their buffs please!
For newcomers.
Start with solo, group and raid. From the lowest Tiers.


Thank you all! It seems that both of these classes are around the same difficulty/performance so I chose to go with the Necromancer in the end since the theme appeals to me more. I can finally start really getting into it! :smiley:


I got both and enjoy both, there is no bad choice here :slight_smile:

Have fun!


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