PS4 - #3126 screen freeze

Game mode: Online (Official server #3126 PVE -
Problem: Crash + Bug(?)
Region: EU

Up the river north from shattered bridge, game screen freezes near skittering cavern. I managed to freeze there 3 times, my character died in the process and i was able to log back in , in the desert.
However, this time (4rth time freeze) i cannot log back in. I believe thats because my character is alive and remains in the area of this bug.

Repro steps:

  1. Go up to the skittering cavern.
  2. freeze and crash.
  3. attempt to join
  4. loading screen freezes

oh comon, it happened again in the relic city this time. Doesnt really feel like anyone is looking into anything.

I’m on ps4 and have had game freezes in the same area, I know other players are reporting the same thing.