PS4 bugs still issues

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer/ Co-op]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA]

Few problems i have noticed are these
1.problems with wedges not holding pieces such as world map. foundation not responding says im overlapping or not fully to foundation.
2. servers missing fly mode and ghost in co op play this is vital for builders like myself.
3. instances where players will fall to their deaths. loading screen while traveling.
4. constant room shut downs and or freezing usually happens while building and or moving place to place.
5. snapping of objects seem to lag or not respond will relocate to another object instead of what the player is looking at.
6. thrall inventory glitched sometimes will posses or have on other articles of clothing besides what we give them.


Stations with fuel shutting off when exiting game. Wheel of pain. Campfires. Etc etc. Fish traps shellfish traps and wells quit working after exiting the game.

Some emotes missing or under ground such as fist punch and spit. Also the Pleasure Dome of Derketo is not working in summoning her avatar coins can be made but they disappear after removing them from her altar.

Yep. I confirm on the water well bug. They stop refilling after i log out. That includes the statue of refreshment from the Mitra religion.