Bugs, glitches and wishes

Game mode: offline and online | Singleplayer/co-op
Problem: Performance | Misc | bugs
Region: [norway]
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(Will continue to update this post here and then with date others are free to reply with bugs aswelll, let’s make it easier for devs to fix)

Stuff I think should be put in game.

  • should be possible to make more than one chracter
  • some form of navigation hotbar that shows north, south, East and West, aswell as personal markings.
  • online. Playing with a friend in same clan. Should be possible to locate your friend/clan mate on the map. (At least since the game requires you to be within a certain distance from the host

Bugs/glitches I’ve noticed

  • date 14 may: sometimes my melee strikes won’t do any damage at all. And no, I’m not missing my targets when I stand 5cm away from an NPC :joy:

  • date 12 may: custom difficulty and regular difficulty works alright with minor lags. However if I tweek the settings on custom made no will get alot of laggs. Ending up giving up.

  • date 11 may: online playing and having a group chat on PS4’s own chatting group. The voice conversation is laggy due to Conan online Beeing laggy. Checked everything, it was me and the game, nothing else eating the internet. We changed game and re voice xhattin became 100% crystal clear

  • bought the on CD format, received a code that should give me the weapon, however I only see royal armor in crafting list

  • spawn in on a bedroll (co-op) got stuck in a wall. (However PvP were enable so we managed to free ourself)

  • performance issues with frame drops. (Online and offline)

  • were attacking a small camp. One NPC there had little health left but did not die after several more hits

  • while in a house with roof. Having the camera angle but up so you get partly birds view of your character, the roof will block the entire screen. Forcing you to have a straight camera angle.

  • was Climbing a wall. Ended up climbing inside the wall (did eventually fall down due to lack of stamina) and landed on the ground again.

  • also noticed a game tip while on loading screen “press x to crouch” (I’ve not changed my buttons) but crouching is by pressing triangle.

This is what I got sofar, will update the list when I find more issues. I’m only a regular player and not related to Conan exiles in any form.

The game also has huge potential, I’m looking forward for updates and fixes

Repro steps:

I’m quite suprised you did not mention anything about crashes and freezing, but I guess it is pretty abvious.
I also noticed the tool tip said X while it is triangle.
You actialy have good basic stuff to put in the game. Totaly agree on a compass that shows north, East South West, and 1 more character wouls also be a great addition.
I guess you did not make any Thralls yet (me neither) but alot of people are reporting that Thralls are very buggy and not useable.

Another bug I found was if your sprinting and you turn your camera backwards to see whats behind you your stam will stop draining and start regaining even thou your still sprinting.

No, haven’t made a thrall yet. Still fairly new to to game :ok_hand: for a game at this price I find it wrong to charge that much when you encounter so many issues in a short amount of time

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I agree and sadly this happens with more games lately.
It’s like pre-ordering a game and getting exited to play it until you notice you can’t realy play it. Like a slap in the face.