Ps4 crafting issue

hello, a few days ago I researched the level 3 of buildings, steel pick and the wheel of pain (second perk) and it showed up in my crafting menu.

but today after the update, those do not show up in crafting menu or in the work bench (sickel etc)

any suggestions to fix? on server 3566

Drink a Yellow Lotus Potion.
I’ve never run into an issue like this myself, but I’m fairly certain that’ll fix it.

thank you. I’ll give it a shot, any idea what biome those flowers would be in?

You can find a lot of them down south near the starting area. Typically in the grassy areas near the large river but are scattered all over the desert and even some in the spooky forest. A bit in the highlands too but very spread out. I think there’s some on the island with the bear and ruins.

Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the #conan-exiles:Exiles-PS4-Updates topic for better visibility.

thank you any help would be great

the potion worked. thank you

No problem. I’m glad it’s fixed.

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