PS4 Firmware Compatibility Patch (09.03.2019)

Hey everyone!

We have a new patch out for the PS4 version to take care of the most recent compatibility issue with the latest PS4 firmware update. You should now be able to connect to the official servers on the PlayStation 4 version of Conan Exiles again.


  • Fixed PS4 compatibility issue with latest firmware update. You should now be able to connect to official servers again.

Keep up the good work :+1:

Thank you!!! Named alchemist can’t be found anywhere, any idea when we will see named alchemist’s again?

After 3 days can connect to my base!! Nice job! Tanks to you guys!

Most likely when we’ve rolled out the parity patch for PS4 :slight_smile:

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You can find named alchemist at asgarth, mounds of the dead, and the volcano. Regularly. I knocked one out at the mounds yesterday and a friend did the same in the volcano yesterday.

They are out there rokur the alchemist has is own little spot in the north where the lake goes Into a small stream Sandward tower I believe to the right of the little long lake. And when searching spots wipe out the camp to refresh npcs then leave and go back.

Give us more intelligence on this!!!


On official server I just nabbed a Sayd in the Volcano 2 days ago.

Are we ever going to see the parity patch it’s been a week now since Pc got it

1.669 GB of “Firmware compatibility” only ? unlikely
What’s more inside this patch please ?
It includes the next DLC pack I guess.

I bet this will probably be like the last big parity patch, I think that was at least a 3 week wait.

Still no r2/l2 fix… T___T
I just wanna build… --cries in corner–

You really do have to wonder why it takes so bloody long to get fixes for the console version. PC gets patched all the time while we’re sitting here begging for months. I bought the game over the Christmas break which was 3 months ago and there’s still issues that were around then. I mean I don’t expect a miracle overnight but come on.

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From release till now, been up and down, I do hope… in some forms from PVP fixes that screw solo players and unbuild able sections etc etc.

Part of me hopes if Conan Exiles II happens, alot of what got broke and fixed is a good learning exp.
Solo players not getting all nerfs etc.

When katana patch dropped, i wish we could still back up games… I would have reverted.
Its was playable stage, each patch after has been frustrating. Making me wish we could revert or roll back to before Katanas.
I wont hold 6th patch (after katana) against them…since its a firmware thing.
I played abit after 5th one, and its runs good… its hard for me to test run it, when 50% of my play time is building bases.

I still have hope… Conan hasnt crushed it yet and gone on about lamenting the woman.

Sometimes thou, whole packets of files need be replaced. Not as simple as sending a new line of code to copy over another. You often have to replace the whole package its part of. Even if its just 1 thing in there of 40,000.

Darmok the Experimenter shows up at Wightwatch Lookout quite a bit. Knocked out 3 in the last 4 days.

Rokur is in Asagarth regularly, and Sayd is in the volcano all the time.

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The PS4 version is now on parity with the PC version and we’ve rolled out a ton of fixes and optimizations!


Awesome! Thankyou very much for the good news Jens.