[PS4] Game won't recognize update

I was able to play Seed of Evil DLC for a few hours until it stopped working; game won’t recognize DLCs save files anymore. In the menu v1.07 is displayed, even though it is supposedly updated to v1.09 (all save files and correct version number show up correctly in PS4UI but not in-game.)

Before this happened I got a notification in-game saying there’s not enough space for creating new save files (even though there’s plenty of space in the hard drive.)

Reinstalling the game didn’t help and I cannot update the game because it says it’s already up to date.

I don’t expect anyone to have a solution but I hope this issue is fixed soon!


Hello @Howard, welcome to the forums!

The developers are aware of this issue and its currently being looked into.

Could you please share a screenshot or video of the issue occurring?
Do you get any error message when trying to load up the saves?

Hi, thanks.

A new patch (v.1.10) was released today, however, in the main menu it still displays v.1.07

imgur [dot] com/VHs0aCu
imgur [dot] com/vrmRAOZ

(I can’t upload or link proper images since I’m a new user.)

To clarify; I can still access save files made before the DLC, but the DLCs save files are either corrupted or gone. The DLC is downloaded and can be accessed by New Game, but I’m hesitant to start playing it again if the issue still persists since the game says it’s still in version 1.07.

I’ll try reinstalling the game once more and see if that helps… (I’ll report back if it does. EDIT: It doesn’t)

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